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2020 TCS New York City Marathon

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2020 TCS New York City Marathon
Raised of $2,620
My Supporters:
Amy Sandler
Andrea Moss
Anne Frick
Chris Halligan
Christine Decker
Colleen & Harvey Boyarsky
Craig Needham
Deb Freeman
Jack Aiello
John DeGregory
Julie Gross
Julie Rankine
Karin Jeffery
Kate Zephyrhawke
Kevin Kraft
Kurt Atherton
Marga Arbizu
Neil Sheehan
Phyllis Saavedra
Runcoach Tom
Sally J Louie
Sheila Martin
Susan Speedy
Teresa & Rich
Vicky Venter
Voni & Mike




2020 TCS New York City Marathon
2020 TCS New York City Marathon


Barb Love hasn't completed fundraising.

Your donation will help provide critical funds for Rising New York Road Runners – NYRR’s free youth program and events platform – designed to help kids of all ages and abilities to build confidence, gain motivation, and develop healthy attitudes toward physical activity that last for life!


Together, we can help 250,000 youth across the country to live healthier, more active lives. To donate, just follow the steps below. You can also click here for more information about Check Donations and Matching Gifts.


Thank you again for joining me in support of this great cause. Our finish line is active kids!