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The Past

Here are a few words which should help to decode the above image, which I promise isn't an art class assignment from middle school. But back then running without a purpose (not after a basketball) was pretty much a synonym of torture to me. This might be related to my sensitive ears, and the 8:30am Monday sports class scheduled during winter. It took me a long time to realize I was lucky enough to have such an easy access to any forms of sports through school (hello archery and javelin classes). Over the past 6 years I've also learned to enjoy running, and I'd be very happy to help kids discover all it has to offer. So maybe someday they also get to willingly run the streets of New York first, and then anywhere else. 

In 2011 my friend Kevin convinced me to start running by using a Couch to 5K app. He had just moved to New York, and I was still living in France. But somehow we ended up finishing the program together in the streets of Union City, New Jersey. Our next challenge became to run the furthest we could, and then just to beat the other one of a few feet each time because that's how funny we are. We made it to 12km/7.4mi in a few weeks, and we were forced to stop for a little bit when the weather in July was not even cool enough at 7am.

It took me a while to register to a race.
The first one was the Queens 10K and we ran it together, and all the following NYRR races as well. My dad kept insisting I would end up running a marathon, and I wouldn't believe him. We finally completed our quest and conquered the 5 boroughs by running the NYC Half this year! He also earned a marathon lottery entry so I am doing my best to not let him down!

The Present

I’ve decided to run the 2018 TCS New York City Marathon with Team for Kids and I am asking for your support of their inspiring mission. Team for Kids is a team of adult runners who raise funds for critical services provided by New York Road Runners youth programs. These programs empower youth development and encourage healthy habits via running and character-building programs across the country.

Making a donation is easy! All contributions are tax-deductible. You can also find information about where to send a check, or how to get your company to match your gift here

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The Future

Your giving helps New York Road Runners youth programs:

  • Serve 267,000 students nationwide - including 134,000 in New York City's five boroughs - through free NYRR youth running programs, events, and resources.
  • Engage students in long-term athlete development (LTAD), a lifelong journey that guides an individual's experience in sports and physical activity to develop healthy minds and bodies for life. 
  • Help build the next generation of athletes by supporting coaches, educators, and fitness leaders with the tools they need to make a difference.

A few examples of the impact of your support:
  • $26.20 Helps provide one youth with access to an entire year of running through the Rising New York Road Runners Program
  • $100 Offers 10 youth a Cross Country Race Experience
  • $200 Provides 25 youth transportation to a weekend running race
  • $700 Sends one youth to running camp in the summer
  • $5,000 Supports the implementation of the newly evolved Rising New York Road Runners program at a school, community center or after school programs
  • $10,000 Provides scholarships for 20 youth to attend summer camp

Funds Raised by Team for Kids Help Provide:
  • Training for teachers, coaches, field managers, and coordinators, most of whom are volunteers
  • Entry fees and transportation to races and related sporting events for the kids
  • Incentives for children to encourage them to attend events and practices, demonstrate
  • sportsmanship, and strive for fitness and personal milestones
  • Resources to establish programs in areas of greatest need

You’ll Help Kids Get Active!
  • Lowering risk of childhood obesity and related health issues
  • Developing healthy habits
  • Improving confidence and self-esteem
  • Learning goal-setting
  • Performing better in school

Whether you are a runner, have worked with children, or have kids yourself, I hope you will join me to further this great cause!

See you at the finish line, before Coyote!


- L


- 09/27: Coalition Space Happy Hour Fundraiser, and the fundraising reached halfway of its goal 

- 09/22: Ran to draw a "" route, in Bushwick! 

- 09/20: CampusGroups blog post published at

- 09/16: New York City Marathon NYRR Training Series 18M race in Central Park, 3 loops and longest run of the training: 3 hours! 

- 08/12: Bushwick Daily 24h Instagram takeover and New York City Marathon NYRR Training Series 15M race in Central Park: 3 loops! Watch it!

- 08/11: Started noticing Rising NYRR program signs outside Bushwick schools 

- 07/26: Started following the TFK marathon training program 

- 07/21: New York City Marathon NYRR Training Series 12M race in Central Park: 2 loops, and the beginning of the weekly long runs (2-3 hours) 

- 07/19: Marathon training kick off
- 05/04: Finished drawing the comic
- 03/17: Signed up for Team For Kids and the NYC Marathon

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