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2018 TCS New York City Marathon

A Message From Christal

Dear Friends/Family,

I’ve decided to run the 2018 TCS New York City Marathon with Team for Kids and I am asking for your support of their inspiring mission. Team for Kids is a team of adult runners who raise funds for critical services provided by New York Road Runners youth programs. These programs empower youth development and encourage healthy habits via running and character-building programs across the country.

Making a donation is easy! You can click on the Donate button on this page to give through my secure fundraising site. You can also find information about where to send a check, or how to get your company to match your gift here! All contributions are tax deductible.

Your giving helps New York Road Runners youth programs:

  • Serve nearly 250,000 students nationwide - including 125,000 in New York City's five boroughs - through free NYRR youth running programs, events, and resources.
  • Engage students in long-term athlete development (LTAD), a lifelong journey that guides an individual's experience in sports and physical activity to develop healthy minds and bodies for life. 
  • Help build the next generation of athletes by supporting coaches, educators, and fitness leaders with the tools they need to make a difference.


Whether you are a runner, have worked with children, or have kids yourself, I hope you will join me to further this great cause!

See you at the finish line!

Fundraising Progress

of $3,500.00

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