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When you run with Team for Kids, you get guaranteed entry into premier races while raising vital funds to support NYRR Youth Programs. NYRR offers free health and fitness programs to children in schools across the country. By teaching goal-setting, perseverance, determination and teamwork, NYRR youth running programs are getting kids on track toward a healthy and successful life. You can help further that mission and help us teach the next generation of runners and athletes by running with Team for Kids!



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Personalize your individual fundraising page using this Profile User Guide by adding photos and customizing your message. Donors will have a better experience with a personalized page.

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Five steps to a successful fundraising season


 1. Get to know the NYRR Youth Programs. NYRR offers kids the opportunity to learn and grow through running. NYRR youth programs include school-based programs such as Rising New York Road Runners, plus exciting youth events and award-winning teaching tools to help adults get kids running. Before you start fundraising, take some time to learn more NYRR youth programs so you are ready to discuss this important cause with donors.


Youth Program Resources:

About NYRR Team for Kids Video

Youth Highlights page 

Youth Program category on our blog

Teacher Story Videos

Youth Program Videos - Travis and Ivette



2. Plan your Campaign. Before you start asking for donations, take some time to think about what you want to say and who you want to ask. The most successful fundraising messages are personal and heart-felt. Be able to articulate why you are running this event with Team for Kids. Next plan out who you will ask, how you will ask them, when you will ask, and how much you will ask them to donate. Once you've establish your plan, you'll have a map to work from and a way to keep yourself on track throughout the fundraising season. Use the resources below to help create your strategy.


Campaign Planning Tools:

How to Craft Your Message

Who Do You Know Worksheet 

Fundraising Timeline

List of 26 Fundraising Ideas

Fundraising Events

Fundraising Event Poster Template



3. Ask, Ask, Ask. Once you have your plan, start asking for donations early and often. It's good to approach potential donors using different methods including email, phone calls, social media, in person asks, and match gift requests (see below). However you ask, make sure your message is strong, polite, and in your own voice. Be sure to always include your personal Team for Kids URL in your ask to make it easy for people to donate.


Campaign Ask Templates and Resources:

Email/Letter Template 

Phone Script 

Social Media Guide

Social Media Images

Matching Gift Company List

Team for Kids Donation Card



4. Follow up. Some of your donors will respond immediately after you ask for a donation; others will need a reminder. Don't be afraid to follow up on your first request with another email, call, or note. If you don't get the response you're expecting and need to make up for a lack of donations, consider hosting a fundraising event or implementing another fundraising idea to bridge the gap to your pledge.



5. Thank your donors. Team for Kids sends automatic thank you e-mails to all donors, but we recommend that you always send a personal thank you as well. It's a great opportunity to express your gratitude and update your donors on your training and fundraising progress. It's also a great idea to send another thank you after the race so your donors can share in your accomplishment.



Thank You Letter Template 



Cash and Check Donations

Cash and check donations can be mailed to Team for Kids the address below. Checks should be made out to Team for Kids. Be sure your donor includes their email so we can send them a tax receipt and make sure your name is in the memo line of the check (or on a note if it’s a cash donation) so we can attribute the donation to your fundraising pledge.

New York Road Runners
Attn: Team for Kids
156 W 56th Street, 3rd Floor
New York, NY 10019



Matching Gifts

Matching gifts must be received by the fundraising deadline. If your company is requesting specific documentation please email us at [email protected] with your request. The matching gift process is detailed below:


1. Make Your Gift (If donating via check, please make them out to Team for Kids, with your name and event in the memo line.)
2. Contact Your HR Department (Every company is different. You may need to complete an online or paper matching gift form.)
3. Company Contacts Team for Kids (Generally a company will reach out to our team here at Team for Kids asking us to confirm your gift) 
4. Team for Kids Confirms the Gift and Approves the Match (Remember to allow several weeks for processing by the company.)
5. Company Sends Matching Gift (Check distribution cycles, vary for each company. Companies should use the address detailed above. Once Team for Kids receives the match, it will be added to the participants page).